The Impact Of Ever-Changing Technology

Technology in one sense just means tools to use, whether there are fancy buttons or a touch screen to use. In another sense it focuses on skills and techniques that technology assists us with in the accomplishments of our everyday life. There is new emerging technology every day. There are a plethora of different fields and aspects of our life with technology, including consumerism, social media, and medical advances.

Technology is seen all around us nowadays. From the commercials on television programming to the pop-up ads online. Technology has help agencies improve on promoting their specific products. When holidays begin to approach, children see the latest technology in their toys and games. And of course, it is the parents’ obligation to get the latest and greatest for their little one. The impact of technology on consumerism can be seen in our internet browsing. Once you search for a particular item, you begin to see the advertisements listed and emails from specific companies pitching similar products. Technology has enabled us to purchase anything we find online.

Social Media
It is without a doubt that technology has assisted people with keeping in touch with family and lost friends as well as making new friends. In the mid-twentieth, there was no such thing as online dating or Facebook. In those times, you talked to the people in your physical area, whether at work or at school. Nowadays, anyone can chat with another person who may be ten blocks away or ten hours away with the assistance of technology. There are smartphones now that will give you directions along with put in contact with anyone you desire.

Medical Technology
While many think of the advances in technology and think of robots or games, there are others that see the practicality in technology, especially in the medical field. Surgeries have become less invasive and provide a quicker recovery for patients. There is now technology to assist with contraception. There are also technological advances to help prevent and cure some diseases. These advances help people lead longer and healthier lives.

Throughout our history, technology has played a fundamental role in society. Our past may hold technology on a different level when it comes to social media, entertainment, consumerism, and the medical field. But if we did not have that foundation to work from, then our current technology may be lagging.…